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Dog of the Day - Tuesday 16th August
Sharon/Freya, Margaret/Lottie and Bobby and Mabel

These 3 dogs put in some brilliant displays on Tuesday and I just couldn't seperate them, so thought they should all get a medal. Margaret and Bobby suddenly became camera shy at the time of the photo but fortunately their dogs sat nicely for the photo

Michael and Rufus

It was a close run thing but Michael and Rufus took the honours in the 11.15 class as Rufus put in another good display. Such a pleasure to watch a dog progress in so many ways. Well done Michael and Rufus

Heather and Charlie

Heather and Charlie took the honours in the 12.45 class as Charlie started to click and his focus is really starting to come on now, He's also looking very much like a dog that enjoys his agility, despite only having a few lessons under his belt

Saturday 20th August - Dog of the Day
Gilly and Freddie

Freddie was introduced to the large A-Frame and the new "Beast" tunnel but this Saturday but looked totally at home with both. Always bags of enthusiasm with Freddie but channeled it very well this week and looked like Gilly had him on a remote control.

Paula/Abbie and Dave/Rosie

Winners of our 30 second dash competition were Paula and Abbie in the larger section and Dave and Rosie in the smaller section. Rosie won on her birthday and bought along a beautiful chocolate cake which was much appreciated by me. (Although this had no outcome on her getting her award, honest lol)

Jacqui and Maddy
Daisy and Obi

Maddy seemed to revel with the mini-straights on this course and enjoyed the challenges of the large A-frame and the "Beast" tunnel too. Well done to Jacqui too, who kept Maddy's focus throughout, which really helped her get round so well. 

Daisy did brilliantly this week, standing in for mum with hardly any agility experience. Obi was also very excitable at the start but I was impressed with her patience and her own focus, which soon rubbed off on to Obi and they got better as the class went on

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