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Tuesday 24th May - Dog of the Day
Bobby and Mabel

Mabel was very consistant throughout and was in such a chilled mood, just taking everything in her stride. Well deserved medal for her and Bobby

Michael and Rufus

Perhaps the most satisfying medal awarded so far. Rufus really didn't like the tunnels from Day 1, but has settled more and more each week and you can see his confidence has grown so much with both me and the equipment. This week he decided with just a little bit of coaxing that he would overcome his fears. Excellent job Rufus and Michael.

Susan and Cash

Cash gets his award for some brilliant work on the contact equipment. This young enthusiastic boy found loads of composure to totally nail those contacts on the small dogwalk. Very impressed !!

Saturday 28th May - Dog of the Day
Elaine and Bertie
Gilly and Freddie

Elaine and Bertie won their medal for a great performance and Bertie can be a great little agility dog once he gets going. He  just needs to say hello to everyone and have a quick search for treats before he is ready to go. Gilly and Freddie won their medal for winning the Snooker Agility competition from a few weeks ago. Both these dogs are looking very proud to show off their medals

Tina and Hugo

Tina and Hugo won their medal for Hugo's valiant efforts over the large A Frame. Hugo isn't a huge fan of the small A Frame, so really shocked us all when he conquered the big A Frame not once but twice. Hugo is also the perfect demonstration dog

Vicky and Obi

Vicky and Obi got their medal after some great rounds which were made even better when he did a couple off lead. Obi has been really consistent over the past few weeks and is really starting to look like a good little agility dog and there's some good focus between the 2 of them.

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