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Tuesday 17th May Dog of the Day
9.45 Class
Rhona and Ben
Sharon and Freya

There were 2 Dogs of the Day today as these 2 dogs achieved the best 2 scores in agility snooker. Ben top scored for the whole week with 48 and deservedly gets his award as he is probably the most consistant dog overall. Freya was just behind on 46 and this was a tremendous performance and a huge improvement from her.

11.15 Class
Angela and Dudley

Dudley was a star in the agility snooker this week and put in 3 great performances to claim his medal. I'm still impressed that he hasn't wee'd on everything too   :)

12.45 Class
Christine and Fen

WOW!!! Fen found his focus this week and what a huge improvement. Something really clicked and there was some great work done by both members of the team

Amelia and Alfie

I was really impressed with this pairing. Not only did they do a brilliant  job but it was also off lead for the first time. Great work from both of you.

Saturday 14th and Saturday 21st May
Dog of the Day
David and Rosie
Paula and Abbie

Rosie made a great improvement from last week to find her mojo again and deservedly won her medal. Abbie won her medal for her victory in last weeks agility snooker event.

Jacqui and Indie
Jennie and Syd

Syd (3rd from right) won this weeks medal for an outstanding improvement and was really quite impressive. Indie (3rd from left) got his medal for winning the snooker agility event last week. Also in the picture are Dudley, Maddy, Obi and Brodie. Although the conditions had worsened for this class, I have to say that they all did very well. Dudley isn't a rainy day dog but the rest seemed to be in there element.

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