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Tuesday 28th June - Dog of the Day
Peggy and Millie
Frances and Floss
Chris and Bella

Millie had a good day today and did well throughout the class and even managed to win the 30 second dash at the end. I think she realised that she would be away for the next few weeks, so had to get a medal winning performance before her break. Well done to Peggy and Millie

I was very impressed with both the dogs and handlers this week. It was a fast paced course and I was amazed at how well Chris and Frances both did in partiular with regards to keeping up with the same pace as their respective dogs. Floss is a very talented girl who gives you a piece by piece commentary as she goes round the course, while Bella is a proper little pocket rocket when her nose is up from the ground. A very well done this week for both handlers and dogs.

Saturday 2nd July - Dog of the Day
The whole midday class

The whole class impressed me so much this week, that I had to award them all a medal. Handlers and dogs alike looked like they knew their stuff and more importantly, they looked like they had good fun doing it. Really pleased with all of you and sure Buster and Maddie would have got a medal too if they had been able to attend.

Vicky and Obi

Obi put in a really composed performance today, sacrificing a bit of speed for a bit more focus and it really paid off with him and Vicky putting in a great performance.

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