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Dog of the Day - Tuesday 9th August
Peggy and Millie

Peggy and Millie might have been away on holiday for a few weeks but Millie had lost none of her skills around an agility course as she put in a great performance, much to Peggy's surprise

Briony and Maddie

We found a magic feather for Maddie and it really seemed to help with her focus on entering and exiting the arena, which in turn helped her when she was doing her agility. Good work from Maddie and Briony, well done!!!

Ineka and Neera

Neera was another dog that had been away for a few weeks but returned with great focus and enthusiasm. This was probably her best ever performance and she really looked happy to be back.

Saturday 13th August - Dog of the Day

Winners in our "Pointless" agility competition were Harry and Bertie who were ably assisted by Andy and Fiona. A well deserved Dog of the Day medal for each of them.


Both winners in the 1.30 class did so with impressive clear rounds. Claire and Jelly winning the larger section, whilst Tina Hugo won the smaller dogs section. Well done !!!

Stuart and Jenson

The 3.30 Dog of the Day award went to Stuart with Jenson. Jenson was more consistent this week and less distracted by Mum outside the arena, which meant a much improved performance with Stuart inside the arena.

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