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Tuesday 21st June Dog of the Day
Sharon and Freya

Really impressed with Freya and Sharon this week. Freya is probably the fastest dog we have here and this was a fast paced course, which required great focus and quick commands. Not only did they both nail it, Freya looked like she had a brilliant time and so did Sharon, once she came round and had some oxygen :D

Michelle and Daisy

Another impressive performance, especially for such an inexperienced dog. Although she didn't look partiularly impressive when we did the individual sections, she was brilliant when we pieced them together and Michelle's handling skills were much clearer too. Great job!!!

Susan and Cash

Tough decision in the 12.45 class with Fen and Bella both in contention but in the end, Cash's improvement throughout the lesson was just enough to give him the edge. A bit calmer this week too which no doubt contributed.

Saturday 25th June - Dog of the Day
Jane and Lea
Elaine and Bertie

There was only 1 class on Saturday as the thunder and lightning meant the 2nd class finished slightly early and the 3rd class was cancelled.

However, the midday class braved the rain and our joint winners were Jane with Lea and Elaine with Bertie.

Both dogs performed well throughout and didn't a few (million) drops of rain spoil their fun.

Well done to Jane and Elaine too

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