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Tuesday 7th June - Dog of the Day
Rhona and Ben

Ben took the Dog of the Day award for the 9.45 class after a really consistant day in which he was grading but neither him or Rhona cracked under pressure and both put in brilliant performances.

Elaine and Bertie

Bertie put in a really consistant performance today and topped it off with a narrow victory in the 30 second agility dash, just pipping Rufus. The focus was definately back this week, so well done Elaine and Bertie.

Chris and Bella
Jessie and Pippa

I had to award joint Dog of the Day in the 12.45 class as both these dogs put forward very convincing performances on the day. Pippa showed some great improvement and was very consistant throughout and Bella's final round was absolutely brilliant and probably her best round ever. Both very deserving of their medals. Well done Jessie and Chris and Emily for the camera shy Chris.

Saturday 11th June - Dog of the Day
Gilly and Freddie

Midday Class -  Gilly and Freddie got their award after a brilliant last round and Freddie got better and better as the class went on. Much improved  with better focus and consistancy. Well Done !!!

Nandie and Pixie
Apologies to the 3.30 class as my battery had run out and I couldn't take any photos

1.30 Class - Pixie could be our poster girl as she perfectly represents a breed of dog that you might not typically associate with agility but one that can do well and enjoy herself at the same time. Much improved,as is Nandie and is getting more and more consistant.

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