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Tuesday 31st May - Dog of the Day
Rosemary and Poppy

Rosemary and Poppy won their medal today, just pipping Rhona and Ben by less than half a second in our Course Time Prediction competition. I love watching Poppy do a round of agility and you could never accuse her of being predictable.

Allison and Lemsie

Allison and Lemsie might only be on their 2nd week of agility but they won this week's Course Time Prediction competition after a brilliant prediction from Allison that saw then finish less than a second outside the time predicted. Both of these 2 look like they are really starting to enjoy themselves too.

Chris and Bella

I can't believe Chris managed to sneek out of the photos, especially as he managed to finally nail those front crosses. The handling was much improved this week, which in turn made things much easier for Bella and she delivered with a great performance. Love the way she looks so proud too.

Saturday 4th June Dog of the Day
Andy and Harry

Andy and Harry got their medal for some very consistant work and Harry has some really great focus, as well as always looking like he is really enjoying himself.

Angela and Sienna
Paula and Abbie

The 1.30 class were grading so afterwards we had a fun relay competition in which Sienna and Abbie put in a faultless performance to claim their medals. Really impressive considering their pace and the size of the tiny contacts. Angela and Paula didn't do too badly either.

Jacqui and Maddy
Matt and Brodie

I couldn't choose between these two pairs as they've improved so much. Maddy's focus on Jacqui has really come on well and she's lovely to watch while Brodie has sacrificed a bit of speed for more focus and Matt has started nailing his crosses, which is definately helping them.

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