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Tuesday 14th June - Dog of the Day
Rosemary and Poppy
Peggy and Millie
Frances and Floss

Poppy did extremely well today and put in some really good rounds with lots of focus and consistancy. A few good performances but Poppy wins our Dog of the Day award. Well done Rosemary and Poppy

Peggy and Millie looked like they really enjoyed themselves and the extra focus this week meant that they were very good and consistant throughout. Very much improved and well deserving of Dog of the Day. Well done to both of you.

Frances and Floss joined us for the 1st time this week but settled in straight away and put in a great performance which was both  brilliant and entertaining. Some great focus and heaps of enthusiam, really looking like she enjoyed it. Well done to both Frances and Floss.

Saturday 18th June
Lisa and Shackleton
Sat Midday

A huge improvement from Lisa and Shackleton on what was quite a tricky course. Maybe we'll have to dunk Shackleton in the pool each week an we'll get the same result. Good work from both of you.

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