Latest Grade 1 Fun Agility Achievers
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Margaret and Lottie
Margaret and Lottie passed with a merit from the 945 class. Well done Lottie, that deserves an extra tummy rub.
Michael and Rufus
Rufus passed his Grade 1 with a merit. After really struggling with Rufus and his dislike of tunnels, it's so great to see his progression and now we have more trouble keeping him out of the tunnels.
Allison and Lemsie
Despite being very distracted on the day, Lemsie did enough to earn a Pass in her Grade 1. Thankfully, Allison's satnav was working that day and she did very well too.
Rick and Maddie
Maddie held her focus to achieve a Pass in her Grade 1 Fun Agility and she wasn't to far off a Merit. Briony actually did the round with her but Rick assures me he would have passed too :D
Sue and Rumble
This was always going to be tough for Rumble as he really struggled with the contact equipment but he was able to earn enough points on the rest of the course to get a Pass in his Grade 1. Well done.
Frances and Floss
Frances and Floss passed their Grade 1 Fun Agility with a Merit. Floss thoroughly enjoys herself travelling round the course and lets everyone know it with her live commentary. Good work.
Susan and Cash
Cash picked a very good day to be nice and chilled and had good focus throughout the Grade 1. His Pass was very nearly a Merit and some good work was done by both him and Susan.
Saturday Midday Group Photo
Elaine and Bertie(Distinction), Ann and Buster (Pass), Gilly and Freddie (Pass), Lyn,Jane and Lea(Merit), Emma and Freddie also in the picture but didn't take their Grade 1 yet.
Yvonne and Molly
Molly only just joined us recently but felt at home right from the start. Some good focus was able to earn her a Merit in her Grade 1 and Yvonne was pretty good too :D
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Jacqui and Indie
Absolutely brilliant performance from Jacqui and Indie to earn a Distinction and this was actually the best score of all 33 dogs that took their Grade 1.
Jacqui and Maddie
More speed and less focus than her housemate but the focus is coming on leaps and bounds. Very impressed lately and her pass with Merit wasn't too far away from being a Distinction.
Michelle and Jenson
Jenson is a little pocket rocket and although he didn't have his best day when he took his Grade 1, he still did enough to pas with Merit and has bundles of potential as an agility dog.
Andy/Harry and Lisa/Shackleton
Lisa had to run both these dogs on the day and they are like chalk and cheese round the agility course, so a special congratulations to her for achieving 2 passes.
Helen and Willow
Willow was quite composed on her grading day and scored a comfortable Pass which wasn't too far away from a Merit. Well done to Helen too who somehow manages to keep up with Willow (mostly) lol
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