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Saturday Classes Dog of the Day
  Midday Class                                 1.30 Class                                  3.30 Class          
  Jane and Lea                            Claire and Jelly                       Aimee and Ollie

Jane and Lea got their award for such good progression in such a short space of time. Could be a good little pairing and Lea always looks like she is loving it.

Claire and Jelly got their award for perserverence and bravery. Jelly can be quite nervous when something frightens her but she managed to continue her round despite the noise of the kids playing around on the slide.

Aimee and Ollie got their award after a great display from both, with Ollie off lead. Aimee made a few little adjustments to her handling and it paid dividends with Ollie putting in one of his best ever performances.

Tuesday Classes Dog of the Day
         9.45 Class                                    11.15 Class                                     12.45 Class    
Rosemary and Poppy                       Jo and Ruby                             Joanne and Potter 

Rosemary and Poppy got their award for huge improvement during the course of the class. Starting slowly, Poppy was just saving the best until last.

Jo and Ruby got their award for progression and improvement in such a short space of time. A great off lead performance with lots of focus.

Joanne and Potter got their award for a bit of everything. Last round performance was brilliant which showed a big improvement and I just love watching Potter tackling the course.

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